AMPD’s 100% Game Hosting blends dedicated core infrastructure with the flexibility to work with any public cloud - including our own - for scaling up and down based on player activity.

Hosting in Canada


AMPD serves the entire North American market with sub 40ms round trip connectivity from our data centres in Vancouver and Toronto. Hosting in Canada can have major cost, tax and data protection benefits compared with the US. 

Political and Business Environment.

  • Lower corporate taxes than US
  • 5% withholding tax treaty between Canada and Hong Kong
  • Low Canadian dollar
  • No US Tax Nexus
  • Not subject to US Freedom Act

Digital Media Leaders. 

  • Excellent government incentive programs
  • Has world’s largest studios ie. EA, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers 

Geographic Advantage

  • Centered between Europe and Asia
  • Direct peering connections between Canada, Europe & Asia
  • Time zones aligned with the US

Online Services

  • Game Hosting
  • Data Centre Buildout and Management
  • Colocation
  • Internet Access