High-performance computing experience and sector focus

The AMPD team has been providing high-performance computing and infrastructure solutions to leading games and digital media companies for nearly twenty years. Now, as a founding member of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, AMPD is applying its expertise in high-performance computing, intensive data management, processing, and visualization to benefit a broader cross-section of industry partners.

Proud members and supporters of the industry:


Are you facing challenges with current cloud infrastructure?

Current cloud infrastructure has many shortcomings when it comes to applications such as multiplayer video games, next-gen digital media production, or big data analysis and visualization.

AMPD is on a mission to eradicate latency and improve performance

AMPD is ‘re-thinking’ the Internet with an almost pathological drive to reduce latency and improve performance for our clients. We’re building a network of smaller, distributed AMPD HPC Data Centres within urban environments to properly support low-latency applications in an environmentally conscious way. Systems inside the Data Centres repurpose heat and potable water for use in the surrounding environment, turning waste into valuable assets.